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We are back on the water for members only - sign up is required and rowing is only in singles or family doubles.

Check the COVID-19 page for the NRC Safety Plan and related COVID-19 information.

Since 1992, Nanaimo Rowing Club based on Long Lake, Nanaimo, B.C. offers programs recreational and competitive programs for Juniors (age 12-18), Seniors (19-27), and Masters (27+) year round.



To provide the facilities, equipment, coaching, direction and support needed to facilitate a quality recreational and competitive rowing experience which are financially viable. 


A thriving club with a strong and diverse membership.  We are community-minded and take great pride in being inclusive and accessible with strong governance and exceptional coaching.  Located on the shores of Long Lake, our club is welcoming, beautiful and functional for supporting our coaches and athletes through all phases of individual and team excellence.  We are recognized as a club that values sportsmanship, personal growth, fun and a positive rowing experience while at the same time producing world class athletes able to successfully compete on a national and international scale.


Nanaimo Rowing Club's home base and clubhouse is located on Long Lake in Nanaimo, BC, where we are able to train almost year-round. Our members range in age from 12-75 years old. We have a strong group of competitive junior rowers and a small but enthusiastic group of masters (that's anyone over 27 years old!).

Long Lake is right in the middle of North Nanaimo, near the Uplands and Diver Lake areas. The Long Lake Heights neighbourhood sits on lofty, rocky perches above the lake. There is valuable real estate at Long Lake, with waterfront estates and classy bed and breakfasts.

Deceptively larger than it appears from the road, it is a perfect place for Nanaimo's rowing club. There are also facilities for swimmers, sunbathers and fishermen.



Nanaimo Rowing Club

PO Box 946, Stn. A
Nanaimo, BC
V9R 5N2


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